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Saturday, November 13, 2010

8 cards!!

I got 8 cards in the mail yesterday! Yea, 8!! Two of them were for postcrossing, so they won't be posted here, but one of them, was the second card from Maggie in England. It's a mermaid to go with the giant and pixie :D How awesome is that!? I LOVE it! Thank you again Maggie! The only problem with it? The stamp fell off somewhere in transit :( It made me sad...

This next card was sent to me by Ellen de Boer, who I had sent a card for her Postcards by Night blog. This is a really cool card. It makes me want to go to Holland even more, haha!

This card I got from Riky, in Holland, who got my address from their niece Femke :) I love word of mouth! Thank you for your totally amazing card Riky! It's so fun!

These next 2 cards are from my friend Chris... Oh how I totally love his cards. He had sent me a temple card in the mail earlier, and the post office decided to eat it all up! Luckily, this one came in one piece, and, yet again, it is perfect. Thank you Chris.

and a totally cute one from when he was in the the Gulf Coast:

Too cute. And here is a card from my other friend Charles, who does photography. It was a little bit too scandalous to post on my "family-friendly" blog, so I did a little... adjusting ;) haha! See Charles, it DID make it to the blog! I hope you don't mind my little bit of tweaking...

Then, I will admit that I've been a bit lazy the past couple days. I've been preparing for what happened to me this morning. I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, and have been freaking out just a little bit because of it. But it's alright, so far it's bearable. I'm alive, haha.
So, here is a card I got earlier in the week from Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. He had reqeusted a private swap... I wonder if he's gotten my card yet?

It's a traditional dance of people living in the Sout part of Saudi Arabia. It's called Jizan, 500 miles away from where he lives. He even wrote my name in Arabic! It looks so cool!!! Thank you Abdullah!


Ellen said...

Great that you also like the 2nd card I sent you. The Efteling is really wonderful!
I hope to receive another great card from you!
Enjoy your week....
Best wishes Ellen

Shaunna said...

I adore that stamp!!! I wish I had more time to postcross...

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