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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ok, here we go...

Wow! I FINALLY did it! I uploaded all of the cards that I received during my vacation. So, here they are, in no particular order.

This first little bit is from Natalie Roldan in Charlotte, North Carolina. She sent this note to go with the 5 cards she sent:

I love the lighthouses...

This next one is from a new friend I've made on Facebook, Jocelyn Glas. She sent me a quick note, written on super cute paper! It's cut out between the fish, so you can see through them... it's pretty neat. 9 cards she sent me, so I think I owe her bigtime! I think the Lucy one is my favorite of the bunch...

Thank you Jocelyn!
This next card is from Myriam Bauer in Germany. I'm not sure if I sent her a card yet :( So, Myriam, if you read this, please let me know if I've sent you a card yet!

This next card is from Ewelina in Poland! I'll be sending her a card tomorrow :)

Masha, a.k.a. Meloman sent me this next card. It's totally trippy, right? I love it! Thank you Masha!

I did a private swap with Anna over Facebook. She sent me this HP card, and I sent her a Disney one ;) I :heart: movies... Thank you Anna! Your card is on the way...

Oh how I love Disney... This is actually a favorite of mine too... probably top 10... I got it from Monique (Moleno) on Walltype. Thank you Monique!

My favorite BIG cat, the Lion! Sent to me by Heather Massese in Western Australia. I had sent her a thank you card a little while ago, and this was her thank you :)

FAIRIES!!! My favorite and number one subject matter... haha. Thank you Dana! She's beautiful... where did you get my address? I don't remember if we were to do a swap... hm...

Kathrein in Germany sent me this card. Isn't it beautiful. We've also made friends on Facebook. I love making friends...

CHRIS!!! My good friend, who has sent me so many cards in the past, thought it would be funny to send me a card from Utah... where I was vacationing. Ironic? No, done on purpose, haha. Love you Chris.

I sent a couple cards to Laura a while ago, and this is her thank you. I love clogs from Netherlands... hopefully one day I can own a pair of my own.

I have a friend who is serving a Mormon mission in Japan, and he sent me this beautiful postcard in response to a letter I had written him, and it had a scripture noted: 1 Nephi 11:17... I should look it up... Thank you Elder Soliai! I miss you!

Oh Canada.... I can't ever resist... Omandarine (did I spell that right?)/Olivia, thank you for this snowy card! I love how the bike is untouched, haha!

This next set of cards is from Marjolein K. Peters in Amsterdam. I had requested windmills from Netherlands. I think I have a thing for them...

Then I got this huge brown package from Larissa Tavares in Brasil, with all of this in it. 5 postcards, 1 pamphlet, and a large map that opens up... I don't know what I did to deserve such love from my friends around the world, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This is all so wonderful, and I'm sorry it took so long to get this all uploaded, but as you can imagine, it too a while to scan and upload everything... I'm even missing the beginning of Glee to finish this post! haha. Thank heavens for the ability to record my favorite TV shows, haha!

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