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Friday, May 6, 2011


OH MY GOSH LAUREN, YOU SLACKER!! Ok, I have an excuse though ladies and gentlemen! I've been sick :( Poor me, I know, I know... anyway, here are some amazing cards that I've gotten lately.
These first two are from Garci in Chandler, AZ. I have to admit that they're 2 of my favorite cards I've gotten so far. Thank you Garci, did I send you any cards in return? I can't remember... I blame it on flu brain!

This card is from Erica Donker in The Netherlands. Oh how I love tulips :) Thank you Erica! I'm pretty sure I sent you a card in return, just let me know if you got it ;)

Silly Wahiawa Family Dental sending me postcards... they're not even my dentist! It's still a pleasure though... you know how much I love postcards!

I've made friends with this amazing woman in Australia. Her name is Mel and we met through Facebook... I believe... anyway, we've gotten to talking a lot, and getting to know each other a little better over the past couple weeks. Anyway, she sent me an envelope filled with postcard love :) Oh how I *heart* you Mel! Thank you!!!

Now if only I can get over this stupid flu, and get on with life properly. I hate being sick :( It's SO not a joy!


Anttu said...

I love that card "Brisbane by Night"! xD

chandlerguera said...

Glad you got 'em and glad you liked 'em. I have not received any mail from HI yet.

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