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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Private Swaps and Hand Made Envelopes...

Got a few cards in the mail today :) 2 were Postcrossing ones, and the rest were all private swaps, or cards sent through Sendsomething.net. This first one is from Alex in Russia. Beautiful card!

This next is from Morgaine, whom I had sent a couple map cards for her collection :) Awesome pirate ship! :)

These next two came in an envelope, from Heidi in Germany, for a private swap :)

Then I got a pretty cool home made envelope:

with this letter in it:

She sent me a message on sendsomething.net and told me Hawaii was her favorite place on earth... I guess that proves it ;) How cool!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone!!!!!

I went to Borders with my husband today and bought the new Josh Groban CD. Oh how I *heart* him... it's some good listening for when I need to sort my postcards into their respective country slots...

Merry Christmas everyone! I love the holidays...

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