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If anyone reads this blog and would like to send me a postcard, please send it to the following address. Also, if you wish to receive a card in return, PLEASE write your address very clearly so I can read it, thank you :)

294 N Juniper Dr.
Washington, UT 84780


Monday, September 5, 2011

I think I need an assistant...

You all know I'm lazy, but I've gotten even more so because I am getting more cards in the mail than I can keep up with! Oh my word! So, here (without naration) are all the cards I've scanned today... but I've gotten these cards over the last month (probably 2...) Oh heavens, I suck.
IF I HAVEN'T THANKED YOU FOR THE CARD(S) YOU'VE SENT ME, PLEASE KNOW I AM TRULY THANKFUL!!! Thank you so so much to everyone here who has sent me a card. 

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