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If anyone reads this blog and would like to send me a postcard, please send it to the following address. Also, if you wish to receive a card in return, PLEASE write your address very clearly so I can read it, thank you :)

294 N Juniper Dr.
Washington, UT 84780


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm taking a break from Postcrossing. I've found myself overwhelmed with requests, and incoming cards, that I can barely keep up with them, and still have my regular life! So... please don't hate me, but I WILL be back!!! In the meanwhile, here is a card for you... one last time ;)
This is a card sent to me from my friend Raisa in Russia. She draws cards for me, and I love them all. This one in particular, because it's of MY original character Jeldwin (fairy princess banished to the mortal realm for falling in love with a human male...) and her human love Phillip. I love it oh so much :) Thanks again Raisa!


Miles Family said...

I've already got a whole bunch addressed and stamped to your Hawaii address. Since you are probably moving in a few months I'm going to need to still send them to you as not to waste the stamps. I hope they will still bring a smile and not be a burden.
~~~Vicki M.

The Whitney's said...

No burden at all! I still love getting them! Especially from you :) It's the ones I need to register that are getting me stressed, haha!

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