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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Joy :)

My friend Vicki's husband works at Disneyland, so they go there a lot. She found this card the other day and thought I'd like it. And she was right! I DO!! THANK YOU VICKI!!

This next card was sent to me by Ashley DePover, who I met on Facebook. Thank you Ashley! It's awesome... totally makes me want to go swimming in that waterfall...

Lezlie Rowell found my address through Facebook too, and surprised me with this awesome Mardi Gras card. One day I'm going to have that masquerade I've always wanted... One day...

Then, remember this frog card? Well, I sent Olivia a card in return, and she sent me this one back! That building looks like it doesn't belong on Earth... maybe like... some alien planet. It's pretty neat though... Thanks again Olivia! ;)

1 comment:

doggiepink said...

i know exactly where that mickey card is from.. yay! :)

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